Sponsored by Marvelous Beauty Japan Hyaluronic acid infusion session – Dr. Ting Song Lim&Dr. Eri –

22 Apr 2019

We invited Dr. Ting Song Lim from Malaysia (Tinson Lim), one of the most active young Asian doctors, to Eri Omotesando clinic, to conduct Marvelous Beauty Japan workshop with Dr. Eri Katagiri.


In the hyaluronic acid preparations circulating around the world,
Dr. Lim selects and uses each of them according to their characteristics and parts to suit the most beautiful and natural finish.

The lecture talked about “over filled syndrom” syndrome


The lecture talked about “over filled syndrom” syndrome when injecting too much hyaluronic acid.

Which has shown unnatural results caused by too many injections in the cosmetics industry in recent years by offering illustrations.

He pointed out that injecting hyaluronic acid is a course that helps to regain its original natural beauty. President Eri also expressed deep sympathy for the importance of balanced beauty.

Hyaluronic Acid Injection is a favorite procedure at our institute

Hyaluronic Acid Injection is a favorite procedure at our institute, returned to use by customers from all over Asia thanks to the exquisite aesthetic sense and treatment experience of Dr. Eri over 150,000 cases.

Dr. Lim expressed admiration for Dr.Eri

During the discussion on injections, Dr. Lim also expressed admiration for President Eri. Finally the precious time of the seminar has passed. The parties wait for the next meeting.

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