2 Lectures at ADAC2019 in Malaysia

12 Aug 2019

All three sides have been active in the Asia Pacific Ocean region, Dr.Woraphong (2 second from right), Dr. Rungsima (center), Dr.Tingsong (right) is Asia’s largest international beauty Dermatological Association is a moderator ADAC2019 Malaysia It was held in Kuala Lumpur.

Experts from various fields will give lectures, and doctors will gather from Asian countries.

The venue is The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This is a modern colonial hotel.

My mission at ADAC2019 is to talk about new usage of picosecond laser “Picoshua” and high-performance RF “Tempsure” that our hospital introduced the first Asian machine.

Thankfully, the venue was so big that I couldn’t understand who was standing on the stage.

What is the power of the first Asian “Tempsure envi”?

It has been several months since our hospital introduced “Tempsure” as the first Asian machine. I found that the initial treatment results were good, and that the mid-term results were also good as expected, so I discussed with actual cases.

Picosure is the savior of acne treatment

In Asia, including Japan, Picosure is often used to treat spots, but Picosure’s acne treatment has a strong response after giving a lecture at ASLMS, and we are currently working hard to open up a new path for those who suffer from acne. Is giving lectures in Asian countries.

Although Picosure’s irradiation method for acne is complicated and precise, it has been able to produce excellent results, and I have been able to treat a lot of acne and obtain high satisfaction.

Therefore, ADAC2019 gave a detailed explanation of the treatment of severe acne caused by Picosure, which has never been reported in the world.

Information sharing with prominent doctors in each country

I also participated in other sessions and learned many things, such as the way of thinking for each doctor, differences between countries, and ideas for how to assemble the treatment.

With Dr. Kenneth (Singapore) and Dr. Peter (Taiwan)

With Dr. Huy (Vietnam) and Mr. Michel Byers (CynoSure)

At international conferences, you can always share your ideas with the best doctors in each country, and you can see a new direction. I will apply this learning to medical treatment immediately.

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