Sponsored by Marvelous Beauty Japan Hyaluronic acid infusion session – Dr. Ting Song Lim&Dr. Eri –

We invited Dr. Ting Song Lim from Malaysia (Tinson Lim), one of the most active young Asian doctors, to Eri Omotesando clinic, to conduct Marvelous Beauty Japan workshop with Dr. Eri Katagiri.   In the hyaluronic acid preparations circulating around the world, Dr. Lim selects and uses each of them according to their characteristics and parts to suit the most…

22 Apr 2019

Injectology – Bringing Rheology Into Your Clinic Settings

Introduction Aesthetic medicine is a rapidly evolving field. Over the last decade, there has been a conceptual shift infacial rejuvenation, from removal and reconstructive surgeries to volume restoration and facial lifting using multiple modalities. While we strive to move the profession forward with new technologies and products, it is very important for us to revisit the basics, and to understand the principal physiological…

09 Jun 2017

Rawatan PICO Genesis™ oleh CLIQUE® Clinic – Revolusi Rawatan Laser Terbaik Dan Paling Berkesan Setakat Ini!

Kebanjiran klinik estetik di Malaysia kini menunjukkan bahawa industri kecantikan kini semakin rancak berkembang. Ini menjadi aras pengukur bahawa permintaan terhadap perkhidmatan kecantikan semakin meningkat saban hari bagi menampung kehendak pelanggan. Secara tidak langsung ia menunjukkan bahawa rakyat kita semakin prihatin terhadap kecantikan diri. Secara peribadi saya merasakan ia satu perkembangan positif dimana setiap dari kita mulai sedar betapa pentingnya menjaga kecantikan dan penampilan…

17 Apr 2017

Merz Aesthetics Launches XEOMIN In Malaysia

A new purified, well-tolerated botulinum neurotoxin, XEOMIN® (pronounced ‘XEE-oh-min’)is now available in Malaysia. Manufactured in Germany and approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since 2011, XEOMIN® is the new botulinum neurotoxin as an aesthetic medicine for the treatment of wrinkles caused by facial expressions. It is injected into the muscles that are involved in wrinkle production and causes a transient…

21 May 2016
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