Dr. Daphne Siow

[ Aesthetic Physician, Malaysia ]

Dr Daphne Siow Shin Yee is an Aesthetic Doctor in Aviana Clinic. Dr. Siow’s primary degree is MBBS (MMMC), and she is also an Occupational Health Doctor (NIOSH).

Dr. Siow started her aesthetic journey in 2012 when she obtained a Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM) while she was practicing as an emergency medical officer. After taking up the Diploma of Aesthetic Medicine from AAAM, she found that she has deep passion for skin rejuvenation and slowing down the aging process for all that is around her. She then left the government sector to join this challenging but yet very fascinating field which is full of potential. She continuously attended multiple courses in Korea, Singapore and Malaysia to widen her field of interest. She then took up the Malaysia Aesthetic Certification (MAC) to further enhance her knowledge in this field. Since then she has been consistently learning about new technologies and ways to help decelerate the aging process.

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