Dr. Felicia Soong

[ Aesthetic Physician, Malaysia ]

Dr. Felcia Soong completed her medical degree at the University of Manchester, United Kingdom. Dr Felicia won the coveted title Mrs Malaysia Universe in 2018. She is currently practising as an Aesthetic Physician with more than 10 years experience, with special interest in Vaginal Rejuvenation. Dr Felicia was a regional trainer for Sculptra® (2010), Botox® & Juvederm® (2012/2013). She was a Faculty Member of the Asian College of Aesthetics & Regenerative Medicine (ACARM). Dr Felicia is currently a Key Opinion Leader for SOS UV Porcelain and a trainer for Restylane. She is also trained in Bio-Identical Hormones Therapy, threads and Lasers. Dr Felicia is a strong advocator for treatments with good clinical evidence. She believes in spending time addressing the concerns of her patients and only recommending necessary treatments that will benefit them. Restoring a person’s confidence is her top priority. Dr Felicia believes in preserving the unique features of an individual and harmonising the face as a whole. Dr Felicia’s passion is to SERVE. She has provided medical aid internationally to the underprivileged with her church in Bangladesh, Togo, Kenya, Ba’kelalan (Sarawak), Nepal (Earthquake Disaster Relief 2015), Kerala (India) and a regular patron to the Karen Refugee Camp in Cambodia. These trips have opened her eyes to the suffering of the less privileged and has taught her to appreciate life and the people around her. She also served as a Frontliner at Hospital Kuala Lumpur in the current Covid-19 pandemic. Dr Felicia’s mission in life is to make a difference in the lives of the individuals she meets, be it big or small, everyday!

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