Dr. Huang Gao Min

[ Dermatologist & Aesthetic Physician, China ]

Dr. Huang Gaomin, MD, PhD, an injection cosmetologist, professor and researcher has published over 10 articles in medical journals and 6 books. She is currently attached to Department of Cosmetic Dermatology, Shanghai and WanTian Cosmetic Medical Management Consultancy,Shanghai ,China. She is a WeChat official account Best Selling Author. She is the medical director of several large medical beauty chains in china such as:YESTAR/ARSMO.As a founder of a medical marketing company and a medical education company, she remains on the cutting edge of aesthetic products, thinking and education.She is a member of CAPA,CPSA,CMDA,GCAAH, WOSAAM. An engaging educator, popular speaker, and thinker with an human behavior in medical cosmetology.Dr. Huang Gaomin is known for his ability to challenge the status quo and conventional wisdoms of medicine. She is a representative of the third generation of medical and aesthetic experts in Chinese medical and aesthetic circles. She put forward the concepts of “private beauty” and “sexual confidence”

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