Dr. Olivia Ong

[ Aesthetic Physician, Indonesia ]

Dr. Olivia Ong is the Medical Director of Jakarta Aesthetic Clinic. She believes in not to do what is easy, but to do what is right and ethical. Dr. Olivia Ong is committed to perform the art of aesthetic medical science to its highest degree concentrating exclusively on non-surgical procedures to enhance the face, body and anti-aging. Dr. Ong embraces her team at Jakarta Aestetic Clinic like a family, helping everyone to reach their potential, which resulted in receiving the Asia Pacific Golden Record Award 2019.
Dr. Ong has won numerus awars, including Idol of Anti-Aging Medicine by INCAAM and Universitas Udayana, Rising Star Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Doctor 2018 by Cosmobeaute, 73 Perempuan Tangguh 018 by Women’s Obsession and Indonesia’s Beautiful Women 2017 by HighEnd Magazine. Dr. Ong was also the guest speaker in various domestic and international seminars and congresses.

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